Thursday, June 26, 2014

45 Days in London: Day 3

Harrods and the BFI (British Film Institute)

First item of business was ensuring that the last few students made it here safely and were checked into their flats.  Next item of business? Harrods.

Everything was drastically overpriced (especially when you convert from pounds to dollars) but what a feast for the eyes! My favorite was the confectionery.

This is their shrine to chocolate. Impossible not to genuflect. :)

Of course, Mr. Cool could not be persuaded to spend time here (at all!) so we spent most of our time looking at teenager approved items, like technology and running shoes and other sportswear (plaid wool riding outfit, anyone?). I seriously thought he was going to gag when we approached the entrance to the fragrance department!  :)

I eventually dragged him back toward the food section.

Check out this produce manager...looks more like 1914 than 2014! But that's what we love about London, right?

Another highlight of the food section: My FIL had recommended the Beef Tongue Sandwiches at Harrods. Mr Cool's quick response: Can the cow tongue taste us while we're eating it?

Tonight we took the students on the same walk we took our first night here—to the BFI, over the Jubilee Bridge.


Here are a few more shots Jeff took of this famous view of London at dusk. I never tire of this vista!

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