Monday, April 28, 2008

Celestial Room with A View

Okay, I have a sudsy one for you:

About a year after I broke up with Jack, (who it turns out was using me as his friend, confidante, and love interest during the week while making out with some other vixen on the weekends -- a whole nother soap opera story) his eccentric aunt called and wanted to line me up with someone. Weird, but I was open to it. The guy was from New York, which sounded exciting enough. Turns out he was the caretaker of someone else’s fabulous estate. So I went out with this guy when he was in town one weekend, and he was perfectly good-looking with impeccable manners and treated me great -- spoiled me, in fact. Sounds wonderful, I know. So where’s the soap, you ask?

Well, he was also WAY older than I was. I don’t know how much for sure, but I was 23 or so and I think he must have been at least 30. Probably well on his way to 40. Besides the fact that this guy literally lived in a fantasy world, his age and his inexplicable into-me-ness scared me. Besides, he was a teensy-weensy bit straight-laced and, dare I say, boring? :) We’re totally talking Cecil, from A Room With A View. Well, thankfully he was on his way back to New York so Lucy Honeychurch here really didn’t have to worry about a thing. Or did I?

A couple of days later he called me from New York. It was flattering, but we didn’t really have anything to talk about. A day or so later he sent a dozen red roses. The next day he called me again. And on it went...lots of long-distance calls with not much to chat about. The roses were barely wilting and along came more gifts. And the next thing I know he’s made airline reservations for another trip out to visit.

“I guarantee you he’s coming out here with a ring”, says my ever-wise mother.

Holy cow! I started praying he’d find someone else. Literally.

I was involved in another long-distance romance at the same time. I was being written to, phone called, and successfully wooed by this other (younger, funnier) guy, named Jeff, from the opposite coast (California, to be exact). And Jeff, with whom I was rapidly falling head-over-heels, was planning to be in town the same weekend as Barry. I had visions of one of those crazy Ginger Grant / Eva Grubb “Gilligan’s Island” episodes where I’d be frantically scurrying back and forth carrying on with two guys at the exact same time and trying to keep them on opposite sides of the island. But then it occurred to me that I could schedule things in advance and avoid all that awkwardness. So I booked most of the weekend with Jeff and saved a Tuesday night for Barry. (Not proud of this...but better not to lead him on, right?)

So Barry gets into town and calls to find out when I’m available, and I tell him Friday and Saturday are completely booked, and I had a deadline for work on Monday, but I’d love to see him on Tuesday. Well the weekend came and went and I had the time of my life with Jeff. Then Tuesday rolled around...and no Barry. He stood me up! I totally did not get it. My heart was not remotely broken, I just didn’t understand how this guy could be so obviously smitten...calling me non-stop and sending me flowers and trinkets and long wordy letters...and then just disappear.

But it all came to light a few weeks later when I got a letter in the mail from Barry. He explained (in his perfect longhand) that he figured if he flew all the way out to see me and I couldn’t make any time for him until Tuesday there was something wrong. (duh) So Tuesday morning he went to the temple, and there waiting in the celestial room after the session was the girl of his dreams. They met and talked -- and then he asked her to marry him right then and there! He even slipped a ring on her finger. A ring that likely was intended for me.

Man! That was a close one! But what can I say -- My prayers were answered. And so were his. (And 20 years later, I continue to be head-over-heels in love with Jeff.) :)


Brillig said...

Oh. My. Gosh. HAHAHAHA. What a fabulous way to join Soap Opera Sunday! This is awesome. You totally had me at A Room With A View (which, oddly enough, features prominently in my next SOS too). I cannot believe he proposed to her right then and there. And that he had a ring. Wowzers.

Luisa Perkins said...

Holy cow! What a great SOS debut!

(I wonder if I know this guy; there aren't THAT many Mormons in NY. :D)

the favorite aunt said...

that's the craziest story ever—I love it! and SOOOOO glad you chose jeff....

Kateastrophe said...

I am DYING LAUGHING right now. This is so fantastic! I am so glad you are playing!!

charrette said...

Luisa --

Yeah, I forget what a small world it is in the church. Hopefully you DON'T know him.... Hopefully you're not his WIFE! ;-D

Goofball said...

Welcome to SOS!

I can't believe this guy proposed to someone on the spot. Did you ever hear whether they are happily married?

Glad to hear that you found your love then though. You made the correct weekend planning ;)

Goofball said...

oh and thanks for stopping by on my blog . I 'm surprised you see the comment buttons in Dutch. hmm weird. I assumed everyone saw them in their own language.

Kimberly said...

That is so bizarre! You gotta give him credit for being perceptive though!