Monday, May 5, 2008

There has to be a first time for everything....

The much-admired blogger Luisa just tagged me for my first meme. (Not quite sure what the rules of the game are, but I'm always willing to play!)

Since most of you know virtually nothing about me, I'm assuming almost anything's fair game:

1. I was once a contestant in the National Spelling Bee. (I won't tell you which year, though!) The word I went out on was not gnocchi or xenophobe, but juratory. I spelled it juritory (thinking: jurisdiction, jurisprudence, janitorial). I had to stand there on the stage for what seemed like an eternity while they played and replayed the tape to decide whether the pronouncer had misled me. Then finally *ding!* they rang the bell and I was out.

2. I'm currently experiencing the reverse culture shock of having lived in Los Angeles for the better part of twenty years, and then returning to Utah. Thank heaven we live on a private, wooded acre -- makes me feel like I can still be in Utah, but not necessarily of Utah. (Although, I must say, while we SWORE we'd never live here, and have eaten a full buffet of crow since we moved here, we like it much better than we thought we would. It's not nearly as closed-minded and provincial as we had assumed.)

3. I love Hugh Grant and every line he delivers in every movie he's ever been in. I think I could say the same for Emma Thompson. (Although I do not have a crush on her.)

4. I also love dryer lint. I think it's so cool that it peels off the filter like a big, thick piece of felt. (I've even been known to leave it there through a couple of loads to let it build up so there's more to peel off.) Seems almost a shame to throw it away.

5. While I'm not proud of this, I have never had a good suntan. My skin is blue. It's the whitest, most glow-in-the-dark color you've ever seen. It literally takes me the whole summer to turn from blue to white. I'm still waiting for that pale look to come back in style (but I'm not holding my breath.)

6. I have a pathological fear of rats. I think it has something to do with the bubonic plague, and the movie Ben (which I never saw) and their overall nastiness. Even the animated movie Ratatouille made my skin crawl a few times, and I had to lift my feet off the floor during that scene when the rats ran into the pantry.

7. I've been to Antonio Banderas's house. Saw his 13th-century crucifixes all over the walls. Sat on the couch and chatted (but not with him.)

I guess I'm supposed to tag somebody now. I'm going to choose Kimberly. Would love to hear some more from her. Okay, Kimberly, you're it!


Shellie said...

Welcome to Utahns Anonymous. Our goal is to live in Utah (don't ask me why) but not be of Utah. I love dryer lint too.

Brillig said...

1. Truly a claim to fame.

2. Really? Utah isn't closed-minded and provincial? I guess things are better on your acre than they are on my... um... postage stamp. :-D Nah, I give Utah a VERY hard time, but it's really not so bad (she says as she eager packs her bags to get out of here).

3. Then I suppose you must love it when they team up! I can see my copy of Sense and Sensibility from where I'm sitting right now...


5. TOTALLY. Though with my dark hair I kinda get the vampire look. Yeah, that's lovely.

6. I can also see my copy of Ratatouille from here. haha.

7. Okay, that's kinda cool and kinda creepy all at once. More cool than creepy though. I'd love to hear the whole story.

As for your tag, how stinkin' cool is that? I love that when I come here I see some of my dearest bloggy friends' names here. Luisa and Kimberly are truly two of the coolest blogger chicks ever--and you've already discovered them!

I think this comment deserves some kind of "holy cow that's a long comment" award or something. Ooops...

charrette said...


1. I don't know, it's pretty nerdy.

2. Naturally we assumed the WORST! :)

3. An all-time favorite! We watched it again Saturday night (IN the new screening room -- fabulous!).

4. Glad I'm not alone on that one.

5. Vampires are all the rage right now. Maybe I should darken my hair!

6. Couldn't bring myself to buy it, great as it is...EEEw!

7. Nothing creepy about it, when you hear the rest of the story (which is barely anything). The crucifixes were creepy, but there's an Old World Spanish theme to the decor throughout their house, o it makes sense. Remember, in my past life I was Designer-to-the-Rich-and-Famous. His wife (Melanie Griffiths) hosted a fundraising dinner for this charity to help women and children in India, and I had the killer assignment of creating the invitations. Neither Melanie nor Antonio was home, but I went to their house for a planning meeting. Melanie's sister was there, and I thought she was pretty cool. But that's all there is to the story. (No -- there's one other funny line from the party planner that still makes me smile, but it's laced with profanity.)

I LOVE all your comments -- no wonder you're the unofficial queen of the blogosphere around here.
And I'm pretty sure your very cool friends only discovered ME because I'm loosely connected to YOU.

Kimberly said...

3, 4, and 5? A big ole ditto from me. Wow.

There's such a thing as dryer lint art. Cool, eh?

I've been struggling for post ideas this week, so I think I'll actually follow through on a tag. For once.

And you're right, Brillig is the reason I came over here. But you are the reason I subscribed to your blog and keep coming back!

deb said...

Loved getting to know you a bit more here..