Thursday, January 8, 2009

The View From Here (Stopping By Blogs on a Snowy Evening)

Whose blogs these are I think I know...

I'm officially declaring this blog a STRESS-FREE zone. My wonderful friend, Mrs. 4444, sent me this message recently in response to one of my (infrequent) posts: "You know what I love about you? (Well, one thing.) You don't apologize if you don't post every day; it's calming. Your blog (like I'm guessing your home) is a peaceful place to stop by. " That comment made my day. It also made me laugh. Because I think of my home as anything BUT peaceful, most of the time. And, frankly, sometimes the blog feels a bit stressful as well! But I do ASPIRE to a certain level of serenity. In all aspects of my life.

When I'm feeling buried, I love to look outside. The photo above is the view from our front window. It's beautiful year-round. But it's especially peaceful during the winter. There's something about that blanket of snow that is also a blanket of quiet, a blanket of cleanliness and order, a blanket of peace. Oh, there are days I wish that a blanket of quiet, and cleanliness and peacefulness would fall from the sky, like manna, INSIDE the house. Just cover the clutter with a layer of white. Cover the discord with a layer of peace. Cover the hubbub with silence. And stay there for MONTHS! :)

When I REALLY need to detox from all the chaos, I strap on a pair of snowshoes and head for the canyon. There is a quiet and a peacefulness and a letting-go there that is matchless. It's literally like walking into your own private Christmas card. If I go with my friend Mary it's all the better, because she adds her knowledge of the trails and the wildlife, her delightful companionship, and wise, uplifting conversation.

They may not see me stopping here
To watch their blogs fill up below

I want my blog to be a virtual snowshoe trek. Not devoid of chatter. Not at all. Just free from stress. I'm sure it's no surprise to any of you that I feel no pressure to post with any regularity. And sometimes I go completely AWOL. But I always come back. Sometimes for a breather. Sometimes for a quiet, lonely reflective walk. But usually for delightful companionship and wise, uplifting conversation. I love it when we laugh!

Some give their harness bells a shake
Others, just the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

So, the pressure's off. I hope you come often. But I hope you never feel obligated. Just stop by whenever you're in the mood. And I hope you'll add to the conversation with your comments. But never if it becomes a chore. (We all have miles to go before we sleep.) Just comment for the joy of trudging along the trail with a companion or two. I've stopped counting. I choose, instead, to delight in each and every friend who chooses to pass the time here. And revel in the very thought that some are engaged enough to comment, and find it valuable to accompany me on my trek.

The blogs are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


LisAway said...

What a lovely view! Both the picture and your view on a peaceful blog. I love it!

This is very much how I feel about blogging in general. I don't want anything to feel like a chore. I post very regularly (3x a week) but I type up the posts whenever I feel like it and then schedule them to post. I put up my "comment policy" just because I hate the idea of anyone staring at the comment form and having nothing to say, but feeling like they should say SOMETHING. I have done that a few times and after that I decided that I just will not comment on posts unless I want to say something. I usually do, and I love commenting, but not out of obligation!

Really, I would say that you just put my blogging philosophy (minus the regular posting) in a much more beautiful way than I could have. Thanks for that!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I love how you used that poem--one of my faves! The combination of it and your photo and your own words worked exactly as I imagine you intended. You are such an artist!

The Mom said...

What a beautiful thought (and view!). I don't apologize if I don't post every day. I do apologize, however, if I haven't posted for 6 days! LOL I shouldnt' though.

Kate said...

You're great. I love when you blog because it does always give me a peaceful, happy feeling.

Have I ever told you I used to sled down that hill every winter? I LOVE your entire yard. It's fantasticly gorgeous.

Melanie J said...

I agree that your blog is a quiet spot for me on any day you choose to post. Thank you for being you.

Kazzy said...

I agree about a calm blog vibe. It feels good to not always feel like it is my job to entertain everyone who stops by. I like to just write about something that has been on my mind. You do a great job of creating a cyber-retreat. And I love the look down into your front lawn. I just don't like when I have to back out of that driveway!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Fabulous post. I think we should turn it into a song. And sing it at our blog conventions. Or something. Yeah.

(I love the way you think - that's why I follow you!)

Heather of the EO said...

Of course I loved this post. Your mind works in such a way (and your fingers express your mind in such a way) that I can't keep from commenting when I see your posts :)

I wish I could express myself the way you do, I really do. You amaze me!

Can you email me and let me know if you're getting my emails? I'm not sure which address to use. Not that I'm pressuring you to respond! ha!

Mrs4444 said...

Awesome. And look! I've brought two sleds! Let's go!! :) (Wait a minute...sleds...a canyon...maybe we'll leave the sleds here.

I've always admired people who are plenty engaged but have no need to voice an opinion or comment. It's intriguing to me and impressive on some level. Don't worry; you'll never find me lurking in here. I appreciate your hospitality so much, I'll always have to say hi!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I like the idea of your blog being a virtual snow trek. Or in my case maybe a hike trail since it doesn't snow around here. I don't blog as much as well. I love Blogland but it can be a frenetic world of posting and blog surfing. Sometimes it's just awesome to find little quiet corners like your blog where you can just quietly enjoy beautiful things.

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh that picture is so beautiful! I love living in a tropical paradise, but I REALLY wish it snowed here too - there's something magical about the snow :)

And your blog IS lovely and calming. I never feel obligated to stop by, but I really enjoy reading your posts when I get a moment to stop by, and when you've had a moment to write.

xo Tammy

Kimberly said...

Oh wow..that was so beautiful. I just want to wrap myself in that peace and roll over to my own blog and spread it around. It gets a bit stressful and worrisome sometimes, and I forget it doesn't need to.

Eowyn said...

What a fabulous post!

Can I be like you when/if I ever grow up.

It was very freezing when I realized that it didn't matter how many people were on my count every time I posted. Realizing that I'm ok with 4 comments or 124, and just hoping that I could touch the few people I do blog with--that was enough.

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