Monday, August 4, 2014

45 Days in London: Day 42


For our last day trip from London, we chose to take a train down to Dover.

There is so much to explore in and around Dover Castle. One of our favorite adventures there (besides the castle itself) was the underground war tunnels, including an army hospital. Sorry—no photographs allowed. They need to keep the location a secret in case they ever need to use the tunnels again.

The cab ride from the castle to the cliffs was only five pounds. We had a fantastic time hiking over and around the famous White Cliffs of Dover. At one clear point in the day we could actually see France beckoning from across the channel.

We got back just in time to make a screening of some short 1914 silent movies from the BFI archives (Chaplin, newsreels and more). Another perfect day!

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Mary Ellen said...

Loving all your London adventures--and wish I could have climbed into your luggage to tag along.