Thursday, July 3, 2014

45 Days in London: Day 10

Joe Allen, Hyde Park

Today a new friend (who I met through an online writing course sponsored by UCLA) took us to lunch in Covent Garden. We went to a place called Joe Allen that she said is often a celebrity haunt. It was marked only by a red awning sticking out into an alleyway, then you venture downstairs to a quiet, secluded restaurant. We talked about our families, film, writing, and PR...for four straight hours. Such an energetic and delightful meeting of creative minds. We look forward to seeing her again before we leave.

Afterward we stopped briefly into the Museum of Transport (you know, all the wonderful memorabilia from the rail system and the London Underground—consistently great design!). Definitely on our list to go back and enjoy at length.

In the evening we took another stroll through Hyde Park—this time to a body of water called The Serpentine. Such a peaceful place. Enjoy!

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