Saturday, July 5, 2014

45 Days in London: Day 12

A Walk Across Town, A Small Family Business

This morning we gathered the students at the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park and walked all the way to St. Paul's Cathedral. After spending a week and a half on the Underground, we wanted everyone to capture a feel of the size and the geography on foot. Our path took in Hyde Park Corner, Buckingham Palace (too early for the Changing of the Guard, but I'm sure we'll see that eventually), St. James Park (arguably the loveliest so far), the cavalry, Scotland Yard, and an unassuming apartment where some chap named William Shakespeare purchased lodgings. Enjoy!

After our walk we were famished! We had brunch at a Dutch Pancake House called My Old Dutch. They were like a cross between German Pancakes and crepes. But larger in diameter...and covered with anything from traditional lemon and powdered sugar to scrambled eggs and smoked salmon (Mr. Cool's choice) to pizza toppings and more. Pricey, but scrumptious.

 It was right across the street from a lovely church, St. Mary Abbot.

In the evening we saw a play called A Small Family Business. It was a little bit comedy-farce, a little bit tragedy-drama, and basically a cross between Noises Off and the Godfather. We enjoyed it. Lots to think about and discuss, most notably how easy it is to slide from little mistakes to big ones, and how easy it is to let less important--but pressing--things eclipse more important issues, like family members and mental health.

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Tammy Lorna said...

Just discovered your trip and accompanying posts. Have turned GREEN with jealousy! :) Sounds like you're all having the most WONDERFUL time :)

xo Tammy