Monday, April 25, 2016

White on White in London

After an easy direct flight, we drove past street after street of beautiful white row houses in stately South Kensington until we arrived at our flat. Already it felt like we'd only just been away for a short spell, even though it's been nearly two years since we were last here. We quickly pulled coats out of our bags as we stood on the porch, the reality of the brisk air and chilly rain setting in: we're in London! Again!

Once settled in our flat, we walked to the tube station, then on to Chelsea to see the student accommodations.

We were surprised to find ourselves in the Bridal district, with beautiful gowns adorning many of the shop windows. It brought back vivid and memories of our daughter's wedding just four days ago, the joy still fresh. We held hands as we walked home in the cold night air. Once again we were greeted by the white buildings of South Kensington. Here, white signals home.

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