Friday, August 8, 2008

You like me, You really like me! (Or at least somebody does.)

When Sally Field (quite perfectly type-cast as both Gidget and The Flying Nun) accepted her Oscar for Places In the Heart in 1985, this was her speech: "You like me, you really like me!" Or at least that's how it's remembered. She acknowledged an unorthodox career path, suddenly stepping into these serious, grown-up roles, after a long line of chirpy teenage shenanigans. She seemed genuinely amazed that anyone appreciated her work, or even took it seriously. But there was something so vulnerable and personal about her response as well. That speech endeared her to us by revealing her insecurity, some vulnerability, and quite possibly genuine humility. At the height of her acting career.

I'm not at the height of ANY of my careers right now. And I certainly haven't won an Oscar. But I feel a little like Sally Field right now, standing at a podium receiving an award for something very-not-Gidget that it turns out she could do. I guess even Gidget has to grow up.

This week I received some modest fanfare in Bloglandia. And I am a little bit surprised. Don't get me wrong. These are not REMOTELY the Academy Awards of the blogosphere. But they are validations. They say, in short, that somebody likes me. Because they like my work. In a world I entered on a whim. And now after serendipitous turns and rich acquaintances, I find myself rather enamored with this newly-discovered cyber-world, Bloglandia. So maybe the blogiverse is feeling my love, and sending it back to me.

A few days ago, a blogger extraordinaire, my friend in life and online, Brillig, handed me this award, specifically for this post. Thank you, Brillig! I was speechless. I'm not quite sure how this works, but I think I'm supposed to pass it along to someone ELSE I think is brilliant. So I'm handing it off to Jessica at One Wild and Precious Life for this beautiful post that my friend Heather at the EO discovered for me. Thanks, Heather, and Congratulations, Jessica. I'm a fan.

And today, the Blogger's Annex published this post (slightly shortened and reworked) among their showcase of the best-of-the-best in Bloglandia. I was happy — and truly, honored — to share the spotlight with so many great writers there, many of whom probably don't even know they are my mentors and idols. If you haven't visited the Bloggers Annex yet, you must. Here's the link again, in case you missed it the first three times around. (I'm sure you've been dying to know what that chic button in my sidebar was all about....)

And finally, a wonderful new friend, Mrs4444, stopped by my blog today after catching said post on said site, and commented on every post she could scroll down and read here at Divergent Pathways. I was able to track her down on her on own site, here, and this is what I found:
"Recommendation: I want to share a powerful post, This Hate Cycle, written by Brillig, whose blog is one in my Top Favorites list. This post was featured on a new site called BloggersAnnex, which has the goal of posting one excellent post each day, Monday through Friday, chosen from contributors like you and me. Looks to me like they definitely reached that goal with Brillig's post. I also found my latest favorite blog there, Divergent Pathways. I LOVE it!"

Who knew?!? Thank you, Mrs4444! Fun to discover we have so much in common.

Now, I'm going to be away for the next several days on vacation (the highlight of which just may be visiting my friend Brillig in real life in her new house in Denver! I might even call her by her real name...because it turns out nobody actually christened her Brillig. Haha! ). So I apologize in advance for not reading and commenting on your wonderful posts for a few days. I'll be taking a little break from my life in the cyberworld to enjoy life in the REAL world, making real connections with my very real husband (you can read about him here, here, here, and here.)

So you might not see me for a week or so. But I'll stop by when I get home. And we'll catch up. In the meantime, just try to remember how much you like me. :)


Kateastrophe said...

I didn't give you a fancy schmancy award, but I like you :) Have fun seeing Brillig. I'm so envious my eyes are turning green(er).

Give her a huge hug for me!

heather of the EO said...

I would like to claim that I found you FIRST...but I would be lying. I found you through Kimberly I believe. And I'm just so stinking glad. Cause I like you. I REALLY like you.
I hope you have a wonderful few days without bloggy validation. Just imagine the out-pouring that will be waiting when you return...what fun!
Tell that Brillig lady I think she's cool.
Oh! And thanks so much for mentioning me, you really didn't need have to do that! I love that post from Jess too. So much.

GrumpyAngel said...

Congratulation on all the recognition your received! Totally worthy. And yes, I like you, I really like you :-) Among the best written posts in Bloglandia are in "Divergent Pathways". I'll miss reading your work while you're away but enjoy your vacation. Meanwhile, I'll check out all the other neat blogs I found through you.

Mrs4444 said...

I'm so glad you posted my comment, because I meant it wholeheartedly. You are two peas in a pod, so I'm glad you're getting together this weekend. Too bad you won't be here, though, because tomorrow, I'M being featured on Blogger's Annex, and I am SO EXCITED!!! Read the post when you get back; it's a real treat! :) (And congrats on the well-deserved award and recognition.)

Cari said...

Just so we're clear: I like you, too, Poopsie.

Brillig said...

Five things that I love about this post:

1. The part about me awarding your awesome post. I mean, of COURSE I love that part.

2. That Bloggers Annex was smart enough to publish your post-- WELL DONE on their part!

3. That you didn't just post the nice stuff that Mrs4444 said about YOU, but also the nice stuff she said about ME. Again, of COURSE I'd love that. What a nice little treat, to read her sweet comments here all over again! Isn't she a doll?

4. That the time stamp on this post says that it was posted on Aug. 8, and yet I'm CERTAIN it wasn't here yesterday...

5. That you're VISITING ME!!!!!! That's the very best part of all! It was so fun to see you today! And day before yesterday! And tomorrow!!!!!

Seriously. I think I must be the luckiest bloggin' fool in the world. You have now made my day SEVERAL times today!

Jessica said...

thanks for the award, I am truly honored! I am very new to this blogging thing, still stubling along, and this was a wonderful surprise! I loved your post on the annex, as well. Thanks for directing me to it!

Eowyn said...

I do like you. I really do. And give Brilly-poo an extra hug for me, as I'm one of those cool people who could actually call her real name.

And I love your blog. Can I be you if I ever get around to growing up?

Kimberly said...

I don't just like ya, I love ya!

I'm off for a few days too, see you on the other side!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Congrats on the award and the post at Blogers Annex. Well done Charette, that's really great. Ad you're getting to me Brillig in the flesh. I'm so jealous but so glad for you too.

Brillig said...

Neener, neener, neener! I got to hang out with Charrette! Neener, neener, neener!

Brillig said...

*sigh* Missing you.

Melanie J said...

Charette, I am loving your blog. The one thing I hate about blogging is that I "meet" all these fascinating people that I know I could spend hours listening to in real life and I know I probably never will. Which is a bummer. But discovering blogs like yours is currently saving my sanity, so thanks for putting yourself out there so often. Come back soon!