Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Come-As-You-Are Party: Give Her A Hand

What IS that?!?

Here's one more part of the game I concocted as a guest blogger on my friend's site, Twas Brillig. You can link there and play along. (And while you're there, read some of her posts. She's a pro.) Here are the rules, in case you missed them the first time around: Link here, leave a brief comment, and post on your own blog a “come as you are” snap-shot that totally captures some aspect of your personality. The only rules are: No private anatomy pix, please, (eew!) and no sprucing-up before you shoot. Resist the urge to alter reality for a better public impression, and just find a little pile of clutter, or some sticky fingerprints, a bad hair day or some other instant snapshot that somehow captures a piece of the real you. My guess is it will endear you to us forever.

Ready. Aim. Shoot!

5. The French Manicure my daughter gave me. Okay, sure, it's a little bumpy and shaky. But she's only 13. And it was a sweet little moment, with her wanting to take care of ME for a change. (Plus, it kind of hides all the dirt under my nails from the garden.)

Am I going to fix it? Not anytime soon. For one thing, I'm particularly lacking in nail-painting experience and expertise. Besides, it's from her. I feel like it's one of those ornaments for the tree they make you for Christmas in kindergarten. It's meant to be celebrated. I could get a slicker, more professional-looking one at the nail salon next to the drug store. But this is a genuine mom-ified badge of honor! I wear it proudly.


Brillig said...

I love it!!! And I love that you're keeping it. Though... don't you think it would look better in black? I still have that black nail polish for you guys... hahahaha.

Kimberly said...

Looks better than my mom-i-cure..chipped nails with bits of peanut butter hardened on!

Love this come-as-you-are idea...should be a weekly installment!