Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

I'm a graphic designer. More so in my past life than now, where I'm focusing more on my paintings. But I still have all the groovy supplies, including a really sweet Mac with a giant screen, and hundreds of magic markers.

This can come in handy. Like when our cleaning people (no longer employed here) walked down the newly-carpeted stairs with a bottle of leaky, bleach-infused toilet cleaner. We came home from vacation to these horrifying glow-in-the-dark drizzle-spots on the stairway (which just happens to be right in the front entry).

Never-you-mind. Designer to the rescue! I carefully selected a blend of three markers -- a gold, an olive green, and a grey -- and the spots completely disappeared. Until we shampooed the carpets a couple of weeks ago. Then I had to duplicate my efforts. But no one would ever know.

So this week I have another problem. I have roots. My hairdresser just bought a new salon and spends most of her time fixing it up. Instead of fixing me up. She can't get me in until next week. Meanwhile the roots continue to to the rescue! I carefully selected a blend of ash, brown and gold. And colored them in with magic marker!

It worked. Until I shampooed my hair. Never mind that it cost me nothing. This could become very tedious.

I also have nightmares that maybe my hairdresser has a blog, too.
And now she's going to blog about ME: "Guess what?! I have this crazy client who came in for a cut and a color, and it turns out she got impatient and covered her roots with MAGIC MARKER!"

So what? Everyone on the internet already knows. :)


Kimberly said...

You are beyond cute! I knew I should've worked on my artistic side more. Who knew it had so many practical applications?

Holly said...

You are my favorite! How hilarious you are! I haven't tried that yet. tempting! You Rock! XO Hol

Brillig said...

HAHA! I wish I'd looked a little closer when I saw you this morning! Truly, I didn't notice. But now I want to look more closely at your stairs too. See how much I take for granted?

Roselle said...

I love you! You are so great! I'm rereading all your stuff for the humor cure--I'm sure it will get rid of my pneumonia!

Allison said...


I'm totally checking out your stairs when I get there... But it's not like I can judge. I did the same thing to my black leather jacket after tiny bits of a blue plastic bag melted themselves to it while it sat in my hot car. No one has ever noticed the Sharpie coverings..