Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Son, The Ax Murderer

While hiking with my friend Mary, she asked me the funniest (but loaded with truth) question: "Do you ever wonder whether you're raising a responsible citizen or an ax murderer?" And the answer is a resounding Yes. :)

Life with teenagers is like a fast-paced, whiplash-inducing roller-coaster ride – with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And for a long time we've seen a lot more Hyde than Jekyll. Which can be discouraging. And make your neck hurt.

Yesterday was an angry, blow-up-in-my-face Mr. Hyde day.

But today, he independently scheduled a meeting with his high school counselor (who lauded him for the progress he's making, and his maturity level). Then he was given the delightful mid-afternoon chore of hacking out a whole plot of 30-year-old rose bushes in the back yard. Which he did. Without complaint. With an ax. (I didn't even know we HAD one.) An hour or two later he fairly leaped up the steps to my office to report that he'd finished. And jovially declared that he'd make a great ax murderer. :) (Every mother's dream! )

Could it be that my beloved ax murderer is also a responsible citizen? One can only hope. But it looks that way today.


Kateastrophe said...

First of all, I'm so glad to hear about all the good things yesterday. I doubt ANY of that would have happened in my home during the high school years.

Second, have I ever told you HOW much time I spent in that backyard?? It's so funny to see it again, with new owners and changes and hacking of rose bushes (that desperately needed it!!)

Happy Friday!!

Brillig said...

Hahahaha. I love that Kate referred to hanging out in your backyard.

As far as Josh goes, that kid totally cracks me up. I can't imagine him having Mr. Hyde days, though! Just be sure to hide the ax on those days... (I love that you didn't even know you had an ax!!)

Kimberly said...

I am giggling so hard! When I was dating Neil my mum was very upset, because he was a convert and she couldn't get any "dirt" on him via her usual contacts. She frequently said, "He could be an axe murdered for all I know!"

What she didn't know? He has an axe in his trunk as part of him emergency gear. We waited a few years before we told her about that!

breckster said...

My two year old is at the sand throwing age. Does this stage in any way prepare you for the Hyde days of teenagedom? I hope so, because right now I'm just not liking the dirty looks from the other mothers and nannys at the park, and the suspecting looks when I drag him out of the playground screaming and crying because he stroke out one too many times.

Allison said...

I have some 14-year old students who would think that image of your ax-brandishing son is pretty hot. Don't worry, I'll keep them away.