Thursday, July 24, 2014

45 Days in London: Day 31

July 24 is what we'd celebrate as "Pioneer Day" if we were in Utah. I got an email from FamilySearch saying it found pioneer ancestors in my family tree, and I could see them if I clicked this link. So I did. I spent the next couple of hours poring over the list and the accompanying stories. It turns out I have 24 pioneer ancestors, one of whom was in the Martin Handcart company, another who was in the rescue party that went out in the winter to rescue the handcart companies, and one who walked alongside Eliza R. Snow in the Jedediah Grant Company. Their stories are so humbling. One was just baby—a year old, and another died crossing the plains at age 50. And one fabulous couple was married en route! Imagine!

We met a friend from Provo for lunch today, one of Jeff's former students. We ate at Pasta Brown, which was passable but not amazing. The conversation far outshined the food. It was fun to catch up with B and see the spectacular flat where she's staying, right in Covent Garden. The flat belongs to her sister's husband's parents...and it occurred to me that her brother-in-law is a pioneer too—his parents are atheists, and he has chosen to join and embrace the gospel, the first and only member in his family.

We invited one of the BYU study abroad overseers to our apartment for dinner. He has traveled extensively, is a linguist and an anthropologist, and we enjoyed having him over.  The conversation was stimulating and delightful.

Tonight we saw yet another Chinese martial arts movie: Drunken Master 2 starring Jackie Chan. Lots of Chaplinesque physical comedy, and some charming characters. The stepmother was hilarious.

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Tammy Lorna said...

Don't ever delete these posts Jana! I'm planning to use them as my 'to do' list next time I can talk a holiday :)

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