Wednesday, July 30, 2014

45 Days in London: Day 37

This morning, Mr. Cool requested more shopping. (I think he wants his entire back-to-school wardrobe to come from London.) I'd much rather be outside seeing things than inside acquiring things.

But this morning I was glad we went, because we accidentally stumbled upon the London School of Economics, where my Grandpa B went to grad school right after he and Grandma were married.

In the afternoon we saw a brilliant production of Wolf Hall. Our friends Barbara and Jerry had given us a copy of the novel a few years ago, so we were especially excited to see this adaptation. It did not disappoint; but rather, made us want to try our hands at an adaptation of another book we've been reading. (More on that later.)

During the interval, we discovered that the author of the novel, Hilary Mantel, was in the audience. We chose not to take advantage of the photo op, and let her enjoy her privacy.  We went straight out and bought a copy of the play after the production.

We barely had time to change clothes and wolf down (pun intended) a little Waitrose shrimp pasta salad on our way back to the BFI. That shrimp salad always reminds us of Jeff's mom. It really hit the spot.

In the evening we saw "The Lady from Shanghai," a film noir starring Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth, about deceit and betrayal. The mirror sequence at the end is amazing.

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