Sunday, July 27, 2014

45 Days in London: Day 34

Day of Rest

It's hard to describe how much I value this Day of Rest when we're going at such an intense pace the rest of the week. Sunday is truly a respite and a refresher for us here.

We went back to the Clapham Commons ward today. The people were welcoming and wonderful, just as before. We truly feel like we belong here.

In sacrament meeting, a member of the London Temple presidency bore a sweet testimony that gave me pause. He said near the end, "Isn't it wonderful that Joseph Smith didn't just say, 'God speaks to me.' He said, 'God speaks to all of us.'" YES.

The very bright and capable Sunday School teacher, Karen, told a life-changing story about the power of the priesthood—too sacred to relate here—but it has certainly made me think about the priesthood, and how easily we take it for granted, or limit ourselves by not recognizing the very real power it is here on earth.

In the evening we visited the newly-remodeled BYU London Center. It is a beautiful, old Victorian building not far from Notting Hill. The gathering spaces are exquisite—stone fireplace and mantel, elegant woodwork and furnishings. There is a large kitchen where they eat as a group, a library/study area and a classroom. It was interesting to talk to the directors and discover how different their program is from ours—some aspects we envied, others we wouldn't trade.

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